Planning a New Years Eve Get together in a Catering Corridor

capodanno al palazzo dei congressiFor many who plan to host a New Years Eve occasion, internet hosting the occasion in a catering hall is a very popular option (See this! Capodanno Palazzo dei Congressi 2017). There is definitely an elevated expense associated with this selection and more advanced planning required but many hosts get pleasure from this feature as a result of it enormously reduces the amount of work required by the host and in addition enormously reduces the duties of the hosts on the evening of the party. The truth is most often, the host’s only obligations through the social gathering are to greet the guests, have an excellent time and thank the guests for coming on the conclusion of the party. This is appealing to many and is among the main the reason why many occasion hosts decide to plan their New Years Eve social gathering in a catering hall. This text will study a number of the logistics involved in internet hosting a New Years Eve social gathering in a catering corridor and also will explain how this option can make a celebration run very smoothly.

Two of the most important concerns associated with planning a New Years Eve social gathering in a catering hall are the prices associated with the celebration and the advance planning required to host the party. Any party which is hosted in a catering corridor is prone to be considerably more expensive than a party hosted within the particular person’s home as a result of there is a charge for the use of the facility and the help of the staff. Moreover, the host can also be typically required to use the catering providers for offering food and beverages for the guests. All of this can be particularly expensive when hosting a New Years Eve get together because of the recognition of the holiday. Catering halls are in excessive demand throughout this night and subsequently most catering halls will charge a premium for his or her house and providers on this specific night.

Advance planning can be very important when planning a New Years Eve get together in a catering hall. New Years Eve is an incredibly well-liked vacation and many catering halls are booked a yr and even longer in advance. This implies you must plan well ahead for those who wish to host a New Years Eve occasion in a selected location. When you have a specific catering corridor in thoughts, it’s a good suggestion to offer them a call no less than a 12 months before you wish to host the occasion and inquire about their availability. If they don’t seem to be out there for the next New Years Eve, you will have to determine if you want to wait until the next available New Years Eve to host your celebration or if you want to have a look at other locations.

When planning a New Years Eve occasion in a catering hall, you will need to work intently with the employees of the catering corridor to plan your entertainment. In the event you plan to hire a band or a DJ, it’s best to consult the catering corridor staff before making arrangements. They may have restrictions on leisure and it is important to perceive these restrictions earlier than planning your entertainment. Restrictions could restrict the noise degree of the leisure or may even restrict the professional entertainers to a listing of permitted performers. Understanding these restrictions forward of time will prevent issues on the day of the get together which can occur if the leisure violates any of the policies of the catering hall.

The meals can be a very important consideration in planning a New Years Eve get together in a catering hall. Most often, the catering hall would require you to use their catering providers for the food and beverages. They may doubtless have set menus you may choose from but they could also be keen to work with you to create a customized menu particularly in your New Years Eve party. Most catering halls additionally usually provide the host of the social gathering the chance to style a number of of the food choices to make it easier to pick a menu for the event. You may have the choice of choosing a sit down dinner, a buffet, appetizers and desserts on your party.

If you desire further information, go to Festa di Capodanno Palazzo dei Congressi

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Migliore Pasticceria, great cakes for your parties

Having a party? Be sure to head out to visit la Migliore Pasticceria Roma Nord to taste the best cakes and sweets of the italian City.

Read a nice article on how they make the so called “Gingerpaste”, The techniques described in this article is from Elaine B. Jenkinspasticceria

Foreword: ” Gingerpaste” is an exciting new a term that I developed when using construction gingerbread dough as if it were cold porcelain or salt dough.   No specialist tools are required, just those already in your workbox! Read more about this exciting new technique…

 I first began working in sugar about 15 years ago. My husband and I moved to Portsmouth (Hants) from the USA in early 1993. At that point, I joined the British Sugarcraft Guild and began taking lots of classes, including Cities and Guilds 7900. I also began working in catering roma salt dough.

 In 1998, we returned to the United States, settling near Orlando, Florida. In early 1998 I took some classes at the Florida ICES Mini Classes called Miglior Catering Roma , with Geraldine Randlesome, in cold porcelain.

In late 1998, I volunteered to demonstrate gingerbread at a Florida ICES Day of Sharing. The organizer, Grace Jones (ICES Show Co-Director of Pasticceria Roma when the convention was held in Orlando), asked me to try a “Florida-proof” recipe for gingerbread that had appeared in a US publication, ‘Mailbox News.’ The magazine article discussed using the dough for building houses, not for modeling.  My first impression, when working with this dough in catering, was its similarity to cold porcelain and salt dough. I immediately began to explore its possibilities, and am continually discovering new ways to use this intriguing medium.

This is my version of the original recipe. I have since found several versions of this recipe in other sources.


275 g plain flour

160 g strong or bread flour

225 g caster sugar

2 eggs, size 2

84 g honey

3/4 tsp each cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger

By a food processor (steel blade) or Kenwood mixer: Sift all dry ingredients together and mix thoroughly. Beat eggs in a bowl, and mix in the honey. Add liquid mixture to dry ingredients. Mixture will be very stiff within 30 seconds, and will resemble wet sand. Remove dough from mixer.

By hand: Sift all dry ingredients together and mix thoroughly. Beat eggs in a bowl, and mix in the honey. Add liquid mixture to dry ingredients. If unable to mix, add 1T honey. Do not add much honey or dough will be too sticky to work with. Knead dough on a floured board to combine ingredients. Mixture will resemble wet sand.

For both methods: Place dough in a plastic bag, and let stand at room temperature a few hours or overnight until the honey is totally absorbed by the flour.

Tips for working with gingerpaste:

(1) Gingerpaste is easiest to handle when slightly warmer than room temperature. It can be warmed in the microwave, airing cupboard, or placed near a radiator.

(2) Do not roll gingerpaste out too thinly. Use a cornflour bag to dust board before rolling out gingerpaste. Use the same bag to dust the gingerpaste before rolling, veining, frilling, texturing, etc. Gingerpaste usually needs to be dusted before each procedure.

(3) Gingerpaste may be rolled through a pasta machine. Dust both machine and paste with a cornflour bag between each roll.

(4) Gingerpaste will shrink approximately 10% after baking.

(5) Baking gingerpaste is not an exact science. Begin by baking a piece for 1 hour at 110C, then another hour at 120C. Then, assess the hardness and colour of the piece, and perhaps continue baking at 130C, checking frequently to avoid burning the paste. Some larger, thicker pieces may require baking 5 hours or more. The longest baking periods should be at the lowest temperatures.

(6) To decrease baking time, pieces may be air-dried. Dehydrators also shorten the baking process.

(7) The pieces may appear dusty after baking. Application of a thin coat of Gildesol removes the dust and gives the pieces a gentle shine.


4″ and 8″ square cakes, covered in Squires Kitchen Marzipan and Sugarpaste

2 12″ gold cake boards, glued together; covered in Squires Kitchen Sugarpaste, then edged in ribbon

Ribbons for edges of boards and cakes

18 ribbon double loops

1 recipe Gingerpaste

Small amounts cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves

Squires Kitchen Dust Colour: red (use a shade complementary to board ribbon)

Squires Kitchen Metallic Lustre Dust: Light Gold

Small amount gin or isopropyl alcohol

Edible glue or boiled water


5 full roses

12 carnations

10 small trails of ivy

10 small stems of eucalyptus


  1. Mix an equal amount (I used 1/2 tsp each) of cinnamon, ginger and ground cloves with enough gin or isopropyl alcohol to make a runny solution. Use a stenciling brush to splatter the cakes and boards with spots of the spice/alcohol mixture. Leave to dry.
  2. Make similar solutions of the red dust and the Light Gold Lustre Dust with the alcohol. Use the same stenciling brush to splatter the cakes and boards with the red and gold mixtures, allowing the cake to dry thoroughly between colours.
  3. When cakes and board are dry, assemble the cakes; centring them on the board with the largest cake on the bottom.
  4. Apply ribbons around the board and the cakes.
  5. Attach a small lump of sugarpaste to the base of each cake, centring them on each side panel. Arrange the flowers as follows:

Bottom panel: 1 rose, 2 ivy sprays, 2 ribbon sprays

Top layer: 3 carnations, 2 eucalyptus stems, 2 ribbon sprays

  1. Top ornament: Assemble ornament by placing a small lump of sugarpaste on the bottom disc. Attach the heart to the back of the paste, using a strong edible glue. Arrange the flowers as follows: 1 rose, 2 ivy sprays, 2 eucalyptus stems, 2 double ribbon loops.




Quilting stitch roller


PME Knife/Shell tool



  1. Roll out gingerpaste to a 1/8″ thickness on parchment paper. Using templates, cut out 1 each of the heart and circle shapes. Cut out 10 circles using the TinkerTech 2 circle cutter 293.


  1. Use the ruler and quilting stitch roller to create a diamond stitch pattern on the smaller of each of the heart and circle shapes. Centre the smaller shapes on top of the larger ones.


  1. Cut the 10 circles in half. Use the PME Knife to make a series of even lines perpendicular to the cut in each half circle. Attach these half-circles evenly around both the heart and the circle shapes.
  2. Bake the pieces, checking them to ensure they bake evenly. If bubbles appear whilst baking, pop them using a clean needle. Try to insert the needle at the site of a stitch. Allow to cool, then paint or rub with a thin coat of Gildesol.






18 g wires, cut into quarters

26 g wires, cut into fifths

Brown floristry tape




TinkerTech 2 rose cutters 349-352

Great Impressions Tea Rose leaf veiner

Metal ball tool (or equivalent)


Large baking tray lined with crumpled tinfoil (ungreased)


  1. Roll out a ball of gingerpaste onto a ridged board duster with cornflour.. Cut out some of the required leaf shapes, ensuring that the ridge travels vertically through the center of the leaf.


  1. Take a piece of 26g wire and insert into the ridge. Dust leaf and veiner with cornflour before veining. Soften the edges of the leaf on a Celpad with a metal ball tool (or equivalent).


  1. Place completed leaf on tinfoil. a crumpled up piece of tinfoil (ungreased).

The tinfoil is crumpled so as to give slight movement to each leaf.


  1. Bake in cooker until done. Leaves are done when they have turned a brownish colour and do not stick to the tinfoil. Remove tray from cooker and allow leaves to cool.
  2. Tape wires of leaves, using half width brown tape.


  1. Paint or rub a very fine coat of Gildesol on both sides of each leaf.


  1. To assemble, attach a length of half width brown tape to an 18g wire, leaving about 1″ free at the end of the wire. Using small scissors cut this free piece of tape in half lengthwise. Twist each quarter width length of tape, forming two small curly strands. Just below the strands, attach one pair of the smallest leaves, as opposites. As you work down the stem, attach larger and larger pairs of leaves.


  1. Bend both the stem and the leaves in order to give a natural appearance to the eucalyptus.






26 g wire, cut into fifths

18g wire, cut into quarters

Brown floristry tape




TinkerTech 2 ivy cutters 263-265, 587

Great Impressions Ivy Succinata leaf veiner

Metal ball tool (or equivalent)


Large baking tray lined with crumpled tinfoil (ungreased)


  1. Roll out a ball of gingerpaste onto a ridged board dusted with cornflour. Cut out some of the required leaf shapes, ensuring that the ridge travels vertically through the centre of the leaf.


  1. Take a piece of 26g wire and insert into the ridge. Dust leaf and veiner with cornflour before use. Soften the edges of the leaf on a Celpad with a metal ball tool (or equivalent).


  1. Place completed leaf on tinfoil. a crumpled up piece of tinfoil (ungreased).

The tinfoil is crumpled so as to give slight movement to each leaf.


  1. Bake in cooker until done. Leaves are done when they have turned a brownish colour and do not stick to the tinfoil. Remove tray from cooker and allow leaves to cool.


  1. Tape leaf wires, using half width brown tape.


  1. Paint or rub a very fine coat of Gildesol on both sides of each leaf.


  1. To assemble, attach a length of half width brown tape to an 18g wire, leaving about 1″ free at the end of the wire. Using small scissors cut this free piece of tape in half lengthwise. Twist each quarter width length of tape, forming two small curly strands. Just below the strands, attach one of the smallest leaves. Attach, as alternates, larger and larger leaves as you work down the stem..


  1. Bend both the stem and the leaves in order to give a natural appearance to the ivy.







18 g wire, cut into quarters

Brown floristry tape



TinkerTech 2 Rose Petal cutters 278, 279

TinkerTech 2 Rose Calyx cutter 245

Holly Products ceramic texturing tool

Metal ball tool


Baking tray lined with tinfoil (ungreased)


  1. Begin by taking a piece of gingerpaste and shape it into a cone (it should fit within the smallest petal). Take a piece of 18g wire and make a hook in one end. Insert hooked end into broad end of cone, and smooth inserted area of gingerpaste around the wire. Leave to hang, upside down, for a day or two. Then, place on the baking tray and bake at 200F for one hour, then 225F for one hour. This baking ensures that the cone will provide enough support to the petals when they are attached.


  1. Roll out a knob of gingerpaste (not too thinly) and cut one petal using the smaller cutter. Texture the petal, using the Holly Products ceramic texturing tool, on a Celpad; then use the metal ball tool to soften the edges of the petal. Moisten the bottom inside third of the petal, and place the cone against it, leaving a small amount of petal above the top of the cone.   Wrap the left-hand side of the petal in towards the cone (making quite a tight twist to ensure that the top of the cone cannot be seen). Wrap the rest of the petal around quite tightly. Dry (overnight) before proceeding.


  1. Cut out two more petals using the smaller cutter.   Texture and soften as before. Moisten the central part of both petals. Place one against a dried cone, and leave at least 1/4 ” of the petal above the tip of the previous petal. Attach one side of the petal, leave the other free, and tuck the second petal under the free edge. Wrap the rest of the second petal around, overlapping the first petal’s attached edge. Allow to dry (overnight) before proceeding.


  1. Cut out three more petals using the smaller cutter. Texture and soften the edges as before. Moisten their bases, and attach these petals, wrapping and overlapping as before.

Make sure that the petals are fairly even. Stop here, and attach the calyx if this is to be a bud. Do not attach the calyx at this stage if making a full rose.


Whether a bud with calyx or a partial rose, allow this stage to dry (24 hours), and then bake in the cooker for 1 hour at 110C, then 1 hour at 120C. The best way is to hook the end of the wire, and hang the hook over the wires of the cooker racks. This will not work if the flower has not air dried – the flower will slip off the wire! Baking the incomplete flower at this point provides the strength needed for the next stages and gives the centre of the flower a slightly darker appearance, for more realism. Allow to cool.


  1. Cut out 4 additional petals using the larger cutter. Texture and soften the edges as before; in addition, cup the centre of each petal. Attach petals as in #4, but curl back the tops of the petals a bit more and give them more movement. The rose should be quite open at this stage. Allow to dry (overnight) before proceeding.


  1. Cut out 5 more petals using the large cutter. Texture and soften the edges as before, and cup the centre of the petal. Attach petals as in #5, but with even more curl and movement. Allow to dry (24 hours); bake for 1 hour at 200F, and 1 hour at 225F. These petals could be wired, baked separately and attached, if preferred. Allow to cool.


  1. Roll a ball of gingerpaste into a cone; pinch out the base to form a ‘Mexican hat’ shape. Use a small celstick to roll out the base. Cut out the calyx using TinkerTech Rose Calyx cutter 245. Make some fine cuts in the edges of each sepal using small scissors. The number of cuts should be irregular, as only a wild rose has an exact number on each sepal. Moisten the centre of the calyx and attach it to the bottom of the rose. Make sure the sepals cover up as many petal joins as possible. The buds’ sepals should be attached to the bud; the full rose would have sepals curved back.


  1. Bake the completed rose again. Allow to cool .


  1. Tape the stem, using full width brown tape. If desired, make the stem thicker by attaching kitchen towel before taping.


  1. Paint a very fine coat of Gildesol on all sides of flower and calyx.






24 g wire, cut into quarters

Brown floristry tape




Orchard Products Carnation cutters C1 and C1M

Holly Products ceramic silk texturing tool



  1. Take a tiny amount of gingerpaste (small pea size), roll into a cone, and place on the end of a 24g wire. Allow to dry (overnight).
  2. Cut out one shape using the smaller Orchard Products Carnation cutter. Use small scissors to emphasize each cut in the edge of the flower shape. Place shape onto a Celpad. Thin and texture the paste, using the Holly Products ceramic silk texturing tool.
  3. Thread the wire through the center of the paste. Fold the paste in half, edge to edge. You should now have a half-moon shape mounted on the wire. Fold the outer third of the halfmoon to the centre. Turn the flower to the other side and fold the remaining third to the centre. Gently mould the base of the flower around the wire into a rounded shape.

Allow to dry (overnight) before proceeding.

  1. Cut out one shape using the larger Orchard Products Carnation cutter. Repeat steps #2 and #3. Again, allow to dry overnight before proceeding.
  2. For the calyx, roll a pea-size amount of gingerpaste into a cone. Hollow out the centre of the cone enough to accommodate the base of the flower.
  3. Use small scissors to cut the edge of the cone/calyx into small points. Insert the flower into the calyx. Allow to dry (overnight); then bake. Allow to cool.
  4. Tape stem, using half width brown floral tape. Paint flower with a thin coat of Gildesol.


TinkerTech 2 cutters 263-265, 587

Great Impressions Ivy Succinata veiner

Metal ball tool (or equivalent)


Large baking tray lined with crumpled tinfoil (ungreased)

Great hair for the modern woman

peruvian hairHair is of great importance to any woman. Thats why most women don’t mind spending a huge amount of cash on their hair. Many women are thankful for weaves and wigs as it has given them options on how to style their hair. Black women are especially very thankful because before revolution of Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair they really struggled with the limited choices that were available to them when it came to styling their hair. Thanks to weaves they are able to add length to hair, style it differently and even change it to different color occasionally.

Peruvian hair is especially said to be the best type of hair extension for black women. This is because the hair is a little coarse and thicker when it comes to texture and hence it blends really well with African American relaxed hair. One of the reasons Peruvian hair is a favorite choice for most women is that it is really lightweight even when more than one bundle of hair has been used. This helps to give it a more a natural looking appearance.


Peruvian hair can be found in different packaging sizes. They are as follows:

· Peruvian hair bundle; comes in different lengths starting form 8 inches to 14 inches.

· Peruvian hair weave: length of 8 inches to 26inches

· Peruvian ombre hair: starts from 18 inches to 22 inches

· Virgin Peruvian hair: is quite pricey with prices starting at £41. Most people for virgin Peruvian hair as it comes in different color shades, different length sizes and bundles. What makes the virgin Peruvian hair great is longevity. It can last for close to a year making it a great investment for the person buying it. It can also be easily colored to color of your choice. It is also great for straight, short and contemporary hairstyles

One of the ways to ensure that you buy original Peruvian hair is to ask professional hair stylist where to get original Peruvian hair. In as much the original Peruvian hair is expensive never fall into the trap of going for those cheap importation as it will leave you looking trashy. There is never a substitute for quality.


The most important is to visit your stylist every to 2-3 weeks for a touch-up. Secondly for home maintenance avoid alcohol based products on your hair as it tends to dry out hair and makes it look frizzy.

Lastly Peruvian hair makes you look great giving you the confidence boost you might be looking for.

Social Anxiety Before Going to A party

Social Anxiety disorder can ruin your life, especially if you get an attack before having to go to a party.

Men and women can both suffer from depression. However, women suffer depression much easier than men and studies have shown that women suffer from depression twice as much as men. In past, people all thought that it was because the biological function of women. Now, scientists do lots of research to prove that there are many reasons and found out how to overcome social anxiety disorder.Social Anxiety Man

It is true that the biological function affects women a lot. Hormones do play an important role. When a woman goes through menopause, menstruate or have a baby, as the changing of the hormones, she may be in a depression. It is worry to consider that the woman is just suffering from PMS and will be better in a few days.

Many years ago, women were controlled by their father, husband or son and had litter freedom. This can lead to depression. However, once they have own space and career, they will have new problems, such as relationship problems, the loss of a loved one, or financial changes. These many lead them into a much more deep depression.

As the development of the economy, the society often shows us images of what women are “expected” to be and only few women can live up to it. To be admired by the society and the men, women do their best to achieve the unrealistic images. This in turn affects the self-esteem. Once a woman has a baby, she will in a dilemma situation. The old standards for women are still applied and the career can not be thrown away. This has contributed to even more self-esteem issues. The question “Who am I, and who am I supposed to be?” becomes very hard to answer.

How to Diagnose Anxiety? How to diagnose if you have suffered from anxiety?
Some instances of anxiety are easy to diagnose, while others are not.
When you find you may be suffering from anxiety, the best way is to visit your doctor, he or she will note your symptoms and your overall physical condition, and ask questions concerning your personal life to identify what may be the causing.
If necessary, the doctor may refer you to require further diagnostic measures.
Don’t feel ashamed, describe your symptoms as fully and as honestly as possible to your doctor, and he or she will determine whether further diagnostic measures are needed.

When he or she find your condition is not related to your physical health, the doctor will refer you to a counselor to ask more help.

Then the doctor would ask you some questions, they are most likely:

1. Do you feel anxious during certain situations?
2. Do you feel anxious all the time or just sometimes?
3. Do you have anxiety attacks or experience physical symptoms of anxiety?
4. Have there been changes in your appetite?
5. Have there been changes in your sleep pattern?

After you answered these questions, your health care professional will ask you further more questions to diagnose your condition. They will ask about your

lifestyle as well. They may include:

1. Do you smoke?
2. Do you consume alcohol?
3. Do you take drugs of any kind, includes prescription medication and illegal drugs?
4. Do you have the habit of drinking cooffee?
5. Whether there is a history of anxiety in your family?
6. What symptoms you are experiencing, and when they began?

Finally, according to these questions, the doctor will make a diagnosis without blood test or medical eamimation. They will suggest you to have a treatment and give you various treatment options.

Naturally And Effectively End Your Anxiety And Feel More Relaxed

Anxiety disorder is a mental condition where a victim experiences unease with no concrete reason. A test evolved to detect this condition in an individual is called the anxiety Disorder Test. The testing process may involve a specialist such as a psychologist or it may be a self test using a pre-built questionnaire.

Anxiety by itself is a very common feeling which all people experience as a part of their day to day lives. The disorder arises only when the reason behind the anxiety and the amount of attention paid to it become disproportionate. In the case of an anxiety disorder, the fears of the individual are irrationally high, when compared to the actual threat perception.

The anxiety disorder test tries to unravel the fretfulness and the cause for the anxiety that the victim has. Based on the causes, suitable treatments for anxiety disorders can be prescribed. There are many types of anxiety attacks such as test anxiety, stranger anxiety, existential anxiety, social phobia, simple phobias, anxiety depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The tests for each of these may involve slightly different approaches as each deal with a different part of the human mind.

A comprehensive anxiety disorder test contains questions which try to look into all these aspects from a behavioral angle and can hence narrow down to the condition that the person answering the test is suffering from.

An anxiety disorder self-test is considerably different from that which a psychologist provides, as the psychologist can be more accurate by physically observing the behavior of the subject and can focus on one or two particular types of anxiety, based on physical symptoms displayed.

When an individual feels extremely stressed out, he or she can resort to an anxiety disorder self test, so that any doubts regarding this may be cleared.

One common question found in most anxiety disorder tests is – “Are you afraid of having a panic attack?”
This question looks into the insecurities that the subject may have about her own mental state with reference to anxiety. It tries to understand if the subject is aware of any panic or anxiety problems that she may be afflicted by.

The causes for these disorders can be many and the treatment for anxiety disorders is expressly dependent on the cause and nature of the disorder. Genetic causes and chemical imbalance induced disorders can be remedied through a combination of medication and counseling.

Addiction and withdrawal induced disorders require medication, physical exercise and counseling. The type of treatment depends not only on the cause of the disorder, but also on the extent to which the individual has been afflicted.

The anxiety disorder tests are thus a starting point where every person can analyze their mental state and the results should be shared with a professional psychologist, if it indicates the existence of some disorder. The self test is a tool of detection and not a final diagnosis. The diagnosis and subsequent treatment of anxiety disorders should be handled by experts.

How to be ready for a party?

As you know, being beautiful is important in life. People often make-up heavily for parties, as they want to look beautiful. Parties are awesome! Aren’t they? It’s summer! Party season is on the rage now. You don’t need to buy expensive ornaments or clothes to look attractive in parties. Follow our creative tips which makes you look sexy and beautiful in the parties.

Pick/get a unique outfit that no one else would be wearing. Be creative. If someone wears an outfit same as yours, it would look embarrassing and also leads to the case of mistaken identity. Avoid skirts and tops as it turns out weird sometimes and shoes play a key role in the case of getting ready for parties.

Make sure the shoes looks nice with the outfit but don’t wear the shoes that are of same color of the outfit.

To be even more actractive you can go to your favorite hairsalon and put some brazilian hair extensions on, with brazilian hair you surely will achieve an extremely sexy and beautiful look.

Also, always go to a copy with a companion as you can have someone to be engaged in stuff otherwise, you would just get bored. Never go to parties with the guys who are drunkards, you know why!

You don’t have to buy extremely costly clothes to look beautiful in the parties! Try a hear waver, we recommend our cheap body wave Brazilian hair, your hair will be wavy and the texture will turn into a smoother one. It is one of the best beauty trick suggested by experts.

The hair makes you look beautiful, unique and the wavy hair almost matches all kinds of outfits and we promise, you will look extremely good with the wavy hair on you.

Welcome to the Mister Neat’s Engagement Party!

If you haven’t been to a Mister Neat’s Engagement Party, you’re missing out!

These fabulous events take place every quarter at various stunning wedding venues along the front-range. We created these events as a celebration of YOUR engagement so you could have a night off from stressful wedding planning!

Engagement Galas consist of a night of fun, food, spirits and games!

Couples compete in our “Couples Challenge” to win fabulous prizes, including feste per bambini Roma and FREE wedding tuxedos for your wedding!

You’ll get to practice your “cake stuffing” techniques and partake in dance lessons to prepare you for the big day! The attire for the night is black tie formal, and tuxedos are free at any Mister Neat’s Formalwear.

The cost to attend is only $20 per couple. Too good to be true?

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel a bit stressful. We’re here to help with as much as we can, so please take advantage of our services! We do more than tuxedos, we help with your entire wedding.

Here’s what we provide to help Plan your Wedding:

Tuxedos that are unmatched in quality, price, selection and service!
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We also carry a large line of engraved gifts from Carlson Craft. Plus, when you register your wedding with Mister Neat’s, you’ll save 20% off the total gift and accessories order!

Here’s a sample of what we have to offer:

watches and flasks
knives and lighters
key chains and money clips
mugs and pilsner glasses
champagne flutes and toasting glasses
candle sets and favors
ring bearer pillows
flower girl baskets
napkins and labeled matches and more!

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Candy Bar Invitations for your Party or favors …are for the people!

Hand out at the party, or mail in a bubble-mailer envelope (available at office-supply or stationery stores.)

Suggested photography: Keep pet’s outline free of other objects, hands, etc as background of photo will be deleted.

Labels can be made to fit any standard chocolate bar up to 1.55 oz. Shown: 1.45 oz Hershey with Almonds.
We also can create labels to fit stock bars in table below.

Custom design service available to make your party at animatori feste bambini Roma even more exclusive.

Please allow 2 weeks for processing orders. Rush service available for add’l $35.

Pet’s name and birthday in banner on front; Wording of your choice will be centered on back of bar.

Choice of typeface (see ordering info page) – your custom wording.
Choose from any typeface on Ordering Info page.

Charges as follows: Print Orders Only, any amount…..$16.00
Chocolate bars, per 100……$22.00

We do not recommend shipping chocolate in very hot weather unless you are going to be
able to receive your package indoors as soon as it is delivered.

Artiface Occasion cannot guarantee condition of chocolates once they are shipped.

SHIPPING PRINT ORDERS TO US CONTIGUOUS STATES (Please call for special air rates
to AK, HI, and overseas destinations.)
Actual shipping cost may vary; rates were calculated
on minimum to average sized order & packaging.

(Varies with the size or your order & type of shipping. Please call for rates.)