Great hair for the modern woman

peruvian hairHair is of great importance to any woman. Thats why most women don’t mind spending a huge amount of cash on their hair. Many women are thankful for weaves and wigs as it has given them options on how to style their hair. Black women are especially very thankful because before revolution of Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair they really struggled with the limited choices that were available to them when it came to styling their hair. Thanks to weaves they are able to add length to hair, style it differently and even change it to different color occasionally.

Peruvian hair is especially said to be the best type of hair extension for black women. This is because the hair is a little coarse and thicker when it comes to texture and hence it blends really well with African American relaxed hair. One of the reasons Peruvian hair is a favorite choice for most women is that it is really lightweight even when more than one bundle of hair has been used. This helps to give it a more a natural looking appearance.


Peruvian hair can be found in different packaging sizes. They are as follows:

· Peruvian hair bundle; comes in different lengths starting form 8 inches to 14 inches.

· Peruvian hair weave: length of 8 inches to 26inches

· Peruvian ombre hair: starts from 18 inches to 22 inches

· Virgin Peruvian hair: is quite pricey with prices starting at £41. Most people for virgin Peruvian hair as it comes in different color shades, different length sizes and bundles. What makes the virgin Peruvian hair great is longevity. It can last for close to a year making it a great investment for the person buying it. It can also be easily colored to color of your choice. It is also great for straight, short and contemporary hairstyles

One of the ways to ensure that you buy original Peruvian hair is to ask professional hair stylist where to get original Peruvian hair. In as much the original Peruvian hair is expensive never fall into the trap of going for those cheap importation as it will leave you looking trashy. There is never a substitute for quality.


The most important is to visit your stylist every to 2-3 weeks for a touch-up. Secondly for home maintenance avoid alcohol based products on your hair as it tends to dry out hair and makes it look frizzy.

Lastly Peruvian hair makes you look great giving you the confidence boost you might be looking for.