Social Anxiety Before Going to A party

Social Anxiety disorder can ruin your life, especially if you get an attack before having to go to a party.

Men and women can both suffer from depression. However, women suffer depression much easier than men and studies have shown that women suffer from depression twice as much as men. In past, people all thought that it was because the biological function of women. Now, scientists do lots of research to prove that there are many reasons and found out how to overcome social anxiety disorder.Social Anxiety Man

It is true that the biological function affects women a lot. Hormones do play an important role. When a woman goes through menopause, menstruate or have a baby, as the changing of the hormones, she may be in a depression. It is worry to consider that the woman is just suffering from PMS and will be better in a few days.

Many years ago, women were controlled by their father, husband or son and had litter freedom. This can lead to depression. However, once they have own space and career, they will have new problems, such as relationship problems, the loss of a loved one, or financial changes. These many lead them into a much more deep depression.

As the development of the economy, the society often shows us images of what women are “expected” to be and only few women can live up to it. To be admired by the society and the men, women do their best to achieve the unrealistic images. This in turn affects the self-esteem. Once a woman has a baby, she will in a dilemma situation. The old standards for women are still applied and the career can not be thrown away. This has contributed to even more self-esteem issues. The question “Who am I, and who am I supposed to be?” becomes very hard to answer.

How to Diagnose Anxiety? How to diagnose if you have suffered from anxiety?
Some instances of anxiety are easy to diagnose, while others are not.
When you find you may be suffering from anxiety, the best way is to visit your doctor, he or she will note your symptoms and your overall physical condition, and ask questions concerning your personal life to identify what may be the causing.
If necessary, the doctor may refer you to require further diagnostic measures.
Don’t feel ashamed, describe your symptoms as fully and as honestly as possible to your doctor, and he or she will determine whether further diagnostic measures are needed.

When he or she find your condition is not related to your physical health, the doctor will refer you to a counselor to ask more help.

Then the doctor would ask you some questions, they are most likely:

1. Do you feel anxious during certain situations?
2. Do you feel anxious all the time or just sometimes?
3. Do you have anxiety attacks or experience physical symptoms of anxiety?
4. Have there been changes in your appetite?
5. Have there been changes in your sleep pattern?

After you answered these questions, your health care professional will ask you further more questions to diagnose your condition. They will ask about your

lifestyle as well. They may include:

1. Do you smoke?
2. Do you consume alcohol?
3. Do you take drugs of any kind, includes prescription medication and illegal drugs?
4. Do you have the habit of drinking cooffee?
5. Whether there is a history of anxiety in your family?
6. What symptoms you are experiencing, and when they began?

Finally, according to these questions, the doctor will make a diagnosis without blood test or medical eamimation. They will suggest you to have a treatment and give you various treatment options.

Naturally And Effectively End Your Anxiety And Feel More Relaxed

Anxiety disorder is a mental condition where a victim experiences unease with no concrete reason. A test evolved to detect this condition in an individual is called the anxiety Disorder Test. The testing process may involve a specialist such as a psychologist or it may be a self test using a pre-built questionnaire.

Anxiety by itself is a very common feeling which all people experience as a part of their day to day lives. The disorder arises only when the reason behind the anxiety and the amount of attention paid to it become disproportionate. In the case of an anxiety disorder, the fears of the individual are irrationally high, when compared to the actual threat perception.

The anxiety disorder test tries to unravel the fretfulness and the cause for the anxiety that the victim has. Based on the causes, suitable treatments for anxiety disorders can be prescribed. There are many types of anxiety attacks such as test anxiety, stranger anxiety, existential anxiety, social phobia, simple phobias, anxiety depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The tests for each of these may involve slightly different approaches as each deal with a different part of the human mind.

A comprehensive anxiety disorder test contains questions which try to look into all these aspects from a behavioral angle and can hence narrow down to the condition that the person answering the test is suffering from.

An anxiety disorder self-test is considerably different from that which a psychologist provides, as the psychologist can be more accurate by physically observing the behavior of the subject and can focus on one or two particular types of anxiety, based on physical symptoms displayed.

When an individual feels extremely stressed out, he or she can resort to an anxiety disorder self test, so that any doubts regarding this may be cleared.

One common question found in most anxiety disorder tests is – “Are you afraid of having a panic attack?”
This question looks into the insecurities that the subject may have about her own mental state with reference to anxiety. It tries to understand if the subject is aware of any panic or anxiety problems that she may be afflicted by.

The causes for these disorders can be many and the treatment for anxiety disorders is expressly dependent on the cause and nature of the disorder. Genetic causes and chemical imbalance induced disorders can be remedied through a combination of medication and counseling.

Addiction and withdrawal induced disorders require medication, physical exercise and counseling. The type of treatment depends not only on the cause of the disorder, but also on the extent to which the individual has been afflicted.

The anxiety disorder tests are thus a starting point where every person can analyze their mental state and the results should be shared with a professional psychologist, if it indicates the existence of some disorder. The self test is a tool of detection and not a final diagnosis. The diagnosis and subsequent treatment of anxiety disorders should be handled by experts.